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APC is a trailblazing consulting firm specializing in corporate finance, market research, feasibility studies, and strategic solutions for the gaming and hospitality industry

What We Do

Advantage Partners Consulting is your ultimate partner for

  • Conducting financial planning and analysis, including

    • M&A and divestiture transactions

    • REIT sale and leasebacks

    • Capital allocation and justification

    • Cash flow management and monitoring

    • Revenue and EBITDA projection and adjustments, and much more

  • Performing market research and feasibility studies, including

    • Feasibility studies for commercial gaming, tribal gaming, and international casino resorts

    • Gravity models for demand sizing, optimal location and build selection for new licenses

    • Forecasting competitive impacts from new openings / expansions or legislative changes

    • Identifying clients' competitive edges, and devising specialized defensive plans

    • Suggesting mitigation measures, negotiating with regulators, and much more

  • Crafting creative solutions and developing result-driven processes, including

    • Conducting operation reviews and due diligence

    • Using data analytics and machine learning to profile and target customers

    • Finding creative uses for unused capital or land parcels

    • Creating optimal shuttle bus and charter airline programs

    • Designing profitable promotions

    • Selecting the most suitable partners / vendors,

    • Detecting players that abuse marketing offers or play with advantages, and much more


Why Advantage Partners Consulting?

Financial Expertise
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Firsthand Experience
Unparalleled Analytical Edge


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