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Welcome to Advantage Partners Consulting

APC is a trailblazing consulting firm specializing in corporate finance, market research, feasibility studies, and strategic solutions for the gaming and hospitality industry

What We Do

Advantage Partners Consulting is your ultimate partner for

  • Conducting financial planning and analysis, including

    • M&A and divestiture transactions

    • REIT sale and leasebacks

    • Capital allocation and justification

    • Cash flow management and monitoring

    • Revenue and EBITDA projection and adjustments, and much more

Board Meeting
Analysing data
  • Performing market research and feasibility studies, including

    • Feasibility studies for commercial gaming, tribal gaming, and international casino resorts

    • Gravity models for demand sizing, optimal location and build selection for new licenses

    • Forecasting competitive impacts from new openings / expansions or legislative changes

    • Identifying clients' competitive edges, and devising specialized defensive plans

    • Suggesting mitigation measures, negotiating with regulators, and much more

  • Crafting creative solutions and developing result-driven processes, including

    • Conducting operation reviews and due diligence

    • Using data analytics and machine learning to profile and target customers

    • Finding creative uses for unused capital or land parcels

    • Creating optimal shuttle bus and charter airline programs

    • Designing profitable promotions

    • Selecting the most suitable partners / vendors,

    • Detecting players that abuse marketing offers or play with advantages, and much more

Slot machines

Why Advantage Partners Consulting?

Financial Expertise
Between APC and previous experiences, we have worked on a long list of large-scale restructuring, M&A, divestiture, private equity, and greenfield development transactions in the gaming industry, totaling multiple billions of dollars. We also provided monthly and quarterly business forecasts, with scenario analysis and stress testing to major gaming operators. We will guide you to higher margins of your current operation and ideal returns on your proposed expansion. Our principal, Lawrence Shen, is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a highly-respected distinction in the finance industry
Reputable Track Record
We at APC pride ourselves on providing the gaming and hospitality industry with our reputable advanced gravity models for market sizing and competitive impacts analyses. We have created 45+ dynamic and robust gravity models covering 35+ markets in the US, Canada, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Caribbean for the largest casino operators in the world as well as various financial institutions. Our models have been proven by reality to produce bankable forecasts. The total size of the projects that our analyses impacted well exceed $15 billion
Firsthand Experience
APC has pooled together decades of firsthand experience on all frontiers of the gaming and hospitality industry. Besides expertise in finance and advanced analytics, we also benefit from experiences as hotel developers and managers, game designers, advantage players, junket reps, and business strategy executives. We have visited 450+ gaming facilities worldwide, including tribal casinos, commercial casinos, racetracks, card rooms, route operators, and mega resorts. Plus, we proudly provide services in seven languages - English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and French
Unparalleled Analytical Edge
Our advanced degrees in math and computer science provide APC with an unparalleled advantage in the era of big data. We are able to analyze diverse tasks, pinpoint the cruxes, and deliver solutions using the most advanced analytical tools, such as machine learning and smart algorithms. Past tasks include selecting the most profitable slot placement plan on the gaming floor, and optimizing shuttle schedules and designing a successful nationwide charter program to destination markets. Whether it requires Excel, VBA, Google API, SQL, Python, C, Matlab, we promise to deliver
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