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What We Have Accomplished

- Spearheaded multiple development projects and license biddings in North America, Asia, and Europe with demand sizing, build optimization, site selection, and financial forecasts, including Caesars Entertainment's successful pursuit of the first gaming license in the state of Virginia

- Developed 35+ state-of-the-art gravity models to assist acquisition and divestiture of regional casinos, and provided competitive impacts forecast to operators due to new supply or legislative changes. Clients include chain casino operators, VLT route operators, Native American tribes, racetracks, hotel developers, and prestigious private equity funds

- Consulted 10+ casino and racetrack operators in negotiations with regulators on legislative changes, license extensions, and integrated casino resort biddings. Past projects include cost-benefit analysis of riverboat to land conversions, and proposing mitigating measures to Indiana Gaming Control Board in response to new openings

Conducted deep-dive research projects requiring advanced analytical skills, including optimizing shuttle bus routes and schedules, identifying the most valuable patrons for junket programs, quantifying the revenue lift with different designs of reward clubs

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